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We bring order to your e-commerce chaos: with our return assistant, you automatically keep track.

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Lost track of the invoice total? We got you!

Returns in online shopping can’t be avoided but are one of the most time-consuming steps of your shopping process. But don’t worry, we have already provided the right solution for you: the return assistant.

Gini Return Assistant in action

You change your order,
we change the amount to pay.

Our return assistant makes shopping returns a breeze – right in the photo payment of your banking app.
Once you decide which items are being returned, take a photo of the invoice in your banking app. The photo payment function automatically recognizes invoices from a growing number of selected retailers. Then, you can conveniently deselect the items to be returned. The remaining amount is calculated automatically and can be paid via the banking app as usual.


You have questions, we have the answers.

Yes, the process is just as secure, and the returns assistant does not change anything in the returns process itself. And payment is also secure: we can offer you the same high standards that you are used to with every transaction via your banking app.

Of course you can! You can simply deselect the products you do not want to keep and send them back to the store. The amount will be updated automatically. You can then easily transfer the new invoice amount to the store in just one step.

In general, your banking app must support the store you order through. The rest is done through your regular banking app, so you don’t need any additional accounts.

Whether you use the return assistant or not, you only have to pay for the products you keep. You can settle the outstanding debts as soon as the return process is completed.

Gini Return Assistant – Benefits

The must-have in

The return assistant is based on the photo transfer and brings all the already familiar advantages to returns processing. In addition to a positive customer experience, there is one major advantage: the calculation of an open payment in Echtezit in the banking app. This makes it easier to handle open payments and the customer always keeps track of open liabilities.

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