In-App payment: submit and pay healthcare bills seamlessly.

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For insurance that needs to keep up with the convenience of digital life, we created our in-app payment feature. It merges the claim submission and the bill payment for health insured into one seamless experience. This excites insureds, increases customer loyalty, and demonstrably improves business opportunities amongst the most valuable customers: young digital natives with high incomes and low claims volumes – the insureds that every insurance company wants and should keep.

Brand loyalty in insurance decreases, specifically in younger target groups. Offering digital added value means taking sustainable countermeasures.


(Source: Kundenmonitor e-Assekuranz 2020)

Automagic payment

Modern payment
demands ideas.
And a touch of magic.

Submit bills and pay them instantly – Gini enables this in the insurance app. The App2Bank interface allows it to simultaneously extract the payment information from the bill while the claim is submitted to the insurance company and transfers the payment details to the insured’s mobile banking app with one click. The data appears in the transfer mask fully automatically, enabling instant payment with the insured’s bank account quickly, conveniently, and securely. Just approve the transfer – done.

Compared to the manual wire transfer process, the time required for the end customer is reduced by around 95% – thanks to in-app payment with seamless, digitally integrated customer flow.

Automagically organized

Surprisingly smart:
The smart claims folder.

All insured people know it. No one loves it: annoying collecting, searching and filing medical bills and benefit claims – at the latest at the end of the year when the favorability check is due. The smart submission folder in insurance apps turns this into past history: No more paperwork, no more maintaining spreadsheets – instead, you get seamless digital end-to-end workflows and delighted customers. Collect and file all receipts, submit entire badges, sort by status “paid,” “submitted,” “reimbursed,” make use of the search function, and many more features – all beautifully organized and easy to manage.

Easy to integrate

Little effort
for great excitement.

Upgrading any insurance app is no rocket science: Payment integration into the app using a software development kit (SDK) succeeds with virtually no effort. This enables direct payments with your own bank account at most German banks – fast, convenient, and uncompromisingly secure. The integration of the smart submission folder works just the same, resulting in great excitement with little effort – for iOS and Android.


Enables modern, contemporary insurance.

Gini’s smart features are available for every insurance app to make today’s insurance feel like today. They not only inspire policyholders. They also inspire sales and business because digitization and customer-centricity allow them to focus on the U40 target group, which is twice as likely to sign up than all other policyholders. This drives sales and creates convinced promoters, which in turn results in accelerated growth.

Every click counts. Because creating additional digital touchpoints is the perfect turbo for sales and customer loyalty.

Proportion of customers taking out new insurance

Because we can

There are good reasons for Gini.

For insurance (B2B)
  • Increase touchpoints from 2 to 14 per year with the “best” customers eligible for a favorability check
  • Lock-in effect through “sticky features” such as the smart claims folder and in-app payment
  • Decrease churn of younger, healthy customers
  • Reduction of price sensitivity in the event of premium raises
  • Above-average growth through positioning as a technology leader in the market
For insured (B2C)
  • No more manual collecting of receipts necessary for personal favorability checks
  • No manual payment of invoices
  • End-to-end digital workflow for outstanding customer experience
  • High trust in payment powered by mobile banking app
  • State-of-the-art mobile experience which is fun and works
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  • User-focused payment option is a competitive advantage
  • Seamless connection to German banks guarantees the best user experience
  • Solving the payment convenience issue through a fully digital customer journey
  • Improved customer loyalty in the digital and high-earning top target group
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