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Gini enables automagic payment with your mobile banking app, powered by SEPA Request-to-pay.

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Online payment that really works.

Shopping online is really enjoyable when your store not only delivers the best goods but also the best shopping experience. That’s why we are revolutionizing the A2A payment process and providing a simple and fast payment connection to your checking account mobile banking app with SEPA Request-to-pay. This offers exactly the trusted payment experience that customers require today. Plus, it helps stores and shoppers to know that paying for their shopping basket feels magical. Or, as we say, the checkout becomes automatic!

That’s how sexy payment can become:

  • A maximum of consumer trust thanks to bank account payment
  • Lower processing costs
  • 100% reconciliation rate
  • No manual entry of payment details or bank account credentials
  • Suitable for instant payments and BNPL or purchase on account

E-commerce solutions

With us, payment becomes digital first.

With SEPA Request-to-pay from Gini, we ensure that shopping is literally exciting. We do this by providing an intelligent solution to the challenge of payment identification, integrating the customer’s familiar mobile banking app. Thanks to the account-to-account solution, we can expand the “conventional payment process” and offer three innovative ways to establish the connection between payer and payee. It saves unnecessary signups, clicks, and time. And makes payment automatic.

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High conversion rates

because the bank logo is visible in the payment mix of the checkout process


Less transaction fees

thanks to SEPA credit transfers

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Available everywhere

in mobile apps, web stores, and PoS

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Identification in the banking app

Strong Customer Authentication between user and merchant without signing up

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Free choice of payment terms

Instant payment or purchase on account, selected by the merchant

Four ways to connect payers and payees:
Customer Centric

From the e-commerce to the banking app in just 1 click.

Trust is the most critical asset in financial and payment matters. That’s why more than half of Germans are interested in paying with their checking account’s bank online, and more than 20% would even replace their preferred third-party payment provider with it.

Gini makes it easy to identify payments and reduces potential sources of error to zero. We also link the customer’s payment at the checkout to their bank account and banking app. With just one click, all payment data is automatically filled in and transferred – and all they have to do is confirm. The result: third-party service providers become obsolete. And payment feels precisely how it should feel today: easy!

Assuming it was offered with online purchase, would you be interested in paying online using your banking app?

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Discover the power of Request-to-pay

Users have no desire for hidden fees and uncertainty when paying online. That’s why it’s becoming easier now: with SEPA Request-to-pay from Gini, users can easily pay with their bank.

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Returns, the Gini way: the return assistant

Our return assistant ensures that shopping returns become easier to handle – directly in the photo payment of your banking app.

Haven’t we met before?

Access to retail banks means access to millions of users.

Pretty much everyone in Germany has been using payment solutions from Gini – after all, our photo payment technology is in the “engine room” of almost every retail banking app. This also makes Gini the perfect e-commerce partner. Thanks to excellent connections to the banks and over 10 years of smart payment expertise, Gini’s SEPA Request-to-Pay brings everything it takes to delight millions of customers. We are ready to set new standards for your business – are you, too?

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You have questions, we have the answers

Yes, request-to-pay offers nothing but advantages in e-commerce – for retailers, banks AND customers. These include points such as security, costs and user-friendliness.
Request-to-pay appears in the online checkout as a payment option (just like other payment options). Instead of paying by credit card or via a third-party provider, users have the option of paying with their own bank. Thanks to a perfect user flow, customers are redirected to the banking app, where the payment only needs to be confirmed. The e-commerce provider and the order confirmation are then displayed again. The transaction is then immediately visible in the user’s banking app. It couldn’t be smoother!
Paying via request-to-pay will be even more convenient for users! Instead of multiple accounts and log-ins, all they need is their banking app. The user flow and user interface are adapted to the highest standards, guaranteeing payment processing that couldn’t be simpler.
No. Gini Request-to-pay can be easily implemented via SDK. The UI/UX adapts during integration. In this way, we can ensure that no complex technical steps are necessary until payment can be made via request-to-pay in the online store.

Easy to use,
easy to integrate.

All Gini solutions are specifically designed for mobile payment and offer reliable data transfers in real-time. Whether for iOS or Android – our ready-to-use software development kits (SDKs) allow easy integration and adaptation to the UI/UX of the existing e-commerce app. The applications are constantly being further developed, are “Made in Germany”, and are hosted on ISO-certified servers in Germany.

Your invest: a few days of development and integration.
The benefit: your e-commerce app that has solved payment pain points.

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  • Seamless account-to-account payments
  • Time-saving and with highest reconciliation
  • Continious SDK development – „Made in Germany“.

  • Small effort, high ROI for merchants
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