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Turns wire transfers into a piece of cake.

In the past, brick-and-mortar bank branches knew their customers in person. In times of increasingly new players in the payment market, we at Gini ensure that the customer’s connection is never lost, shaping it even more direct, innovative, and profitable.
Digital services such as simple transfers by photo and PDF save time and delight customers. And these customers remain loyal to their bank and recommend their bank significantly more often.

More than 5 million

active photo payment users in December 2023 alone

More than 120,000 hours

saved time for users in one month through our automagic payments

2x increased usage

of bank customers opening their banking app

Mission easy payment

Paying bills as quickly as taking a snapshot.

Today’s customers have neither the time nor the desire for complex payment processes. This is why we have made paying as easy as shopping: click, select your bank account, approve, and done. We take care of the rest – completely automatically. Gini combines the knowledge from millions of extractions with the best AI – for the optimal user experience without using PayPal & Co.

Benefits for bank customers

  • No more annoying typing and typos
  • Positive brand experience
  • Efficient user journey turns the mobile banking app into a time-saving machine
  • The second most used feature of all banking apps after transaction list

Benefits for banks

  • More frequent app usage and increased retention
  • Increased NPS and positive ratings in the app store
  • Intensified customer loyalty powered by growing touchpoints
  • More revenue & profitable up-/cross-selling
Best in class

The unmatched #1 banking feature.

Gini Photo Payment is the mobile banking digital champion: unmatched in extraction quality, speed and security thanks to learning AI with the experience of over 50 million processing operations per year and the continuous optimization of hardware, software, and our proprietary OCR technology.
That’s why our convenient photo payment is also the favorite feature of all bank customers – after all, everyone deserves a magic moment.

92,900,000+ documents

scanned & paid in 2023

91.8% accuracy

in data extraction

2.1 seconds

processing time

5,131,494 users

monthly active users in 2023

Best extraction accuracy of the required payment information:








Amount to pay

Return assistant – returns made easy.

We have the upgrade for your photo payment: with the return assistant, you can deselect returned items – the remaining amount due is updated automagically, turning purchasing on account into a breeze payment experience powered by your mobile banking app.


Once the photo payment is in, the banking app got it down.

Next to the financial overview in the transaction list, photo payment is the second most used feature in banking apps. That means: photo transfer pushes banking app usage, interactions, time spent in the app, return rate, and downloads. And a sticky app is an important prerequisite for the bank to expand its service offering and attractiveness further.

1 try =
plus 26 touchpoints

Once customers have tried the Gini photo payment, they use it an average of 26 times a year.

In the best company

Best banks build on the best photo payment.

The Gini photo payment has been defining the new industry standard, powered by its uncompromisingly positive user experience and one-of-a-kind AI. Our technology works in the banking apps of almost all of Germany’s top retail banks.

Banks logo cloud

You have questions, we have the answers

If you want to make a transfer, you will find the photo payment option in your banking app. Here you can simply take a photo of an invoice or transfer form and the data will be automatically extracted and inserted. All you then have to do is approve the transfer.

The photo payment makes online banking much easier for users. Data does not have to be laboriously typed in and errors are reduced. Time can also be saved significantly. A win-win situation.

Of course! The photo payment doesn’t just work with pictures that you take at that moment. You can also select images from your library, upload PDFs and even read the data for a payment from screenshots.

A photo payment is a way of making a transfer by simply processing an image on which the pyment data is captured. In concrete terms, all you need to do is take a picture of an invoice or a transfer form and the automatic data extraction will do the rest. This saves you the tedious typing and gives you more time for other things.

7.24 mio.






saved time for all bank customers in one month

Base: 10,103,489 million transfers in December 2023.
Average time required for a transfer on a mobile phone until TAN approval:
a) by hand 1:14 min b) by photo transfer: 31 sec


Little effort.
Big impact.

For a successful photo transfer and an ideal customer experience, Gini provides the “Gini Bank SDK” as a white-label solution that can easily be integrated into any banking app with a manageable effort in just one sprint.

  • native SDK for iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin)
  • continuously developed for years and precisely tailored to photo payments

  • developed according to Apple and Android best practices, annual adaptation to their operating versions
  • configurable user interface for seamless integration into the design of the banking app
  • customizations remain intact even when the banking app is updated and do not need to be recreated
  • meets the latest accessibility requirements (legally mandatory from 2025 at the latest)
  • open source code, integration guidelines, and extensive documentation
  • awarded the “Software Made in Germany” by the German Association for IT SMEs
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  • Upload multipage invoices with a snap
  • Payslip support
  • PDF upload and “share with banking app” functionality
  • QR code and GiroCode support
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