Pay anywhere with your bank – powered by SEPA Request-to-pay.

Because trust is the most crucial currency when paying.

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The banking app becomes a payment machine:
Fast. Efficient. Simply magical.

To sustainably position the bank as the number one for customers when it comes to money, a banking app today must also meet the daily needs for payments.
Gini’s SEPA Request-to-Pay function is easy to use and not only ensures enthusiastic users but also increases the frequency of use and, thus, customer loyalty. This makes payment a breeze and available everywhere – without any third-party payment provider. And the cherry on the cake: the security of your retail bank is always included.

Customer centric

Payment request incoming, confirmed in the banking app.

Let’s be honest: we all don’t like hidden fees and uncertainty when paying online. That’s why you can now do it with your bank. Thanks to the SRTP Payment Initiation Scheme, a payment agreement is made between the sender and recipient. It is then automatically authorized in the banking app, and the bank transfer takes place. The result makes everyone happy. And payment finally becomes what it should feel like today: easy!

Surprisingly easy

Dear retail banks, welcome back in payment.

From now on, customers can pay online directly from their bank account without worrying about security. The direct submission of the payment request into the banking app doesn’t require tedious registration and identification processes as with other services. The SEPA scheme, valid throughout the EU, not only offers a much more cost-efficient and resource-saving way of making payments but also makes it possible to cover all modern and convenient features like wallets.
And everything is available in the familiar user interface of your checking account bank.

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High conversion rates

because the bank logo is visible in the payment mix of the checkout process

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Less transaction fees

thanks to SEPA credit transfers

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Available everywhere

in mobile apps, web stores, and PoS

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Identification in the banking app

Strong Customer Authentication between user and merchant without signing up

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Free choice of payment terms

Instant payment or purchase on account, selected by the merchant

Our ways to connect Payer and Payee:
How it works

We handle SEPA
Request-to-pay for you.

Gini takes care of the Payer side (left) to ensure the SRTP presentment step per SDK or API. For banks offering cash management services to corporates and merchants, Gini takes care of your role as Payee’s R2P Service Provider smoothly, so that Payees can send and reach Payers. We make sure they get the right message on the right device.

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Performance with Gini

Chicken or egg?
No question, thanks to Gini.

Paying with your bank must be a breeze. We’ve proven it before – as the largest provider of photo payments in Germany’s major retail banks, we’re taking digital banking to the next level.
Covering more than 90% of the mobile banking apps market, we roll out innovations faster than anyone else, always with the end user in mind, creating user journeys that inspire users and drive engagement.

Payment, surprisingly easy:

  • No need to type anything – not even the IBAN
  • No extra registration needed for first time users – simply accept the terms of service

  • No alias like username, email address, or phone number required
  • No complicated onboarding

Easy payment,
easy to integrate.

If you want to offer your banking app users an extraordinary mobile payment experience, you don’t want to worry about technical hurdles – we get it done.
That’s why our Gini SDKs for banks and merchants are made specifically for all needs and platforms. The integration takes just a few days, and for existing banking partners, it’s a simple extension of the existing SDK. Uncomplicated, effective – automagic.

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Next level payment.
For every bank.

  • The fastest time-to-market for Request-to-pay
  • Supported by large German banks
  • Integrate the Wallet-SDK into iOS and Android mobile banking apps
  • Powered by the first Technical Service Provider of EPC in Germany
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