Deutsche Bank photo payment

Pay any invoice in seconds with the photo payment in your Deutsche Bank mobile app.

Your banking app can do photo payment!

Deutsche Bank customers who use the mobile banking app benefit from a time-saving and precise transfer solution. The function is now available in the Deutsche Bank mobile app. Customers of Deutsche Bank can thus pay the invoice amount with the banking app via smartphone photo, QR-pay recognition, or direct sharing of a digital invoice. The cumbersome typing of the corresponding information is no longer necessary.

Photo payment

Deutsche Bank Mobile App

The Deutsche Bank banking app is available for free download for Android in the Google Play Store and iOS in the Apple App Store. Download the app, log in to your customer account and save time with the number 1 feature of all German banking apps: photo payment.

Android devices

Download the Deutsche Bank mobile app in the Google Play Store, which works on your Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, and other smartphones and tablets.

Apple devices

Download the Deutsche Bank mobile app in the App Store, suitable for your iPhone or iPad.

What is photo payment?

The smart way to pay paper invoices.

Paying a paper invoice without typing in the recipient’s data – the photo payment, called SmartTransfer, in the Deutsche Bank mobile app makes it possible. Regardless of whether invoices are available as a photo, scan, screenshot, or PDF: all information gets extracted to fill out the transfer mask fully automatically. That’s the magic of the Gini Pay photo payment.

Turns wire transfers into a piece of cake.

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Excites everyone.

Instruction on photo payment

Wiring made simple.

With the Deutsche Bank mobile app, you can easily snap paper invoices, as well as invoices with QR codes, or upload directly from your media library (PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF). All you need is a mobile device with the banking app installed. For the photo payment, the camera should have more than 8 megapixels, as well as autofocus and flash.

Open the Deutsche Bank Mobile app on your phone.

Under the menu item “Transfers” go to the “Smart Transfer” function with the camera symbol.

Put the invoice or the transfer slip on a plain surface like a table.

Hold your mobile device above the document or the QR code, and press the snap button.

Check and change the extracted data (IBAN, reason for transfer, etc.) in your banking app.

Confirm the transfer with your 2FA method – done!

The document is wrinkled.

The document is not properly adjusted to the frame shown on the camera screen.

Documents are lying on top of each other and cover relevant information.

The background is to bright.

There is not enough lighting to make a proper photo.

The transfer slip is not parted from the rest of the document.