Bye, paperwork.
Hi, digital freedom.

Gini uses artificial intelligence to simplify the lives of millions of banking and insurance customers.

Gini app on mobile device
Gini app on mobile device
Gini makes the difference

We call it:

Gini makes invoices and payments easier. By transforming unstructured documents into structured data with OCR and artificial intelligence in real time, we provide the best information extraction and digitization of documents. Proven millions of times a day.

Gini solutions

Smart. Secure.
And in real-time.

The secret to our uniquely fast and secure data extraction is the combination of state-of-the-art OCR technology, self-learning AI, and years of experience as a market leader. Since 2011, millions of customers have been using and improving our Gini Pay and Gini Smart solutions every day – securely and flexibly as Semantics-as-a-Service.

Bank solutions

Photo payment, wallet, payment initiation – Gini solutions are the turbo for every mobile banking app. And creates millions of happy end users on the way to the digital bank branch.

Insurance solutions

Our solutions are ready to turn the insurance app into a modern digital claims base to ensure that today’s insurance policies also feel good digitally. And thus sustainably increase business and customer value.

DKB Maren Heiß

»As a tech bank, the Gini Pay solutions are a fundamental part to provide innovative digital services to our customers. The constantly growing usage of photo payment significantly contributes to make the digital transformation a lean and positive experience for the consumers.«

Maren Heiß, Senior Vice President Retail Banking DKB

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What We Stand For

First, create happy people.

Happy people can change the world. That’s why we all continue to develop Gini together as a product, idea, attitude towards life and community of values – for a better and magically simple future.



Gini’s cutting-edge AI-based solutions are unmatched in speed and accuracy – and are continuously improving.


Whatever we do – employees, partners and users are at the center of our focus and our hearts.


At Gini, we live a new, human-centric philosophy of work, inspired and improved by leading New Work approaches.

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