Developer’s corner

Find everything you need to integrate the Gini solutions in your application.

Gini Pay for banks

Gini Pay Resources

Make the lives of your customers easier with the best-in-class photo payment and incorporate the convenient pay with your bank feature in your apps.

Gini Bank SDK

Includes the photo payment with return assistant and the payment functionality of Gini Pay Connect.


Gini Pay API

Upload your document and retrieve PAY4 information.

Gini Pay for merchants

Gini Pay Resources

The best payment experience in your checkout: pay with your mobile banking app.

Gini Merchant SDK

SEPA Request-to-pay for merchants, powered by Gini.

Gini Smart

Gini Smart Resources

The automagic features of Gini Smart help you to improve your mobile input management and create real added value for your customers and users.

Gini Health SDK

Integrate Gini Pay Connect in your Android/iOS app and start interacting with the banking app of the user.


Gini Health API

Upload your health document and retrieve structured information.

Gini Health/Gini Health API HEALTH API

Gini Smart API

Upload your document and retrieve structured information.


Check out these example apps.

Our demo app integrations show how fast and easy it is to integrate Gini solutions in your app, so you’ll finish your project in no time and deliver the best UX to your users.

Showcase App Android

Example app for Android using Capture SDK and Gini Pay Bank SDK.


Legacy Resources

Gini API

Upload your document and retrieve PAY4 information.

Gini Vision Library

Legacy SDK to use capture the documents and hand over to Gini API.

Gini SDK

Legacy SDK to use Gini Pay.