Submit and pay your claims seamlessly with Gini Pay Connect.

From now, paying is almost as much fun as earning.

Gini Pay Connect makes payment simply magical: click, pay with your own bank now or schedule for later – done. Each transaction is being processed through your personal banking app and executed through your bank account, enabled by Gini and supported by Germany’s leading banks and insurance companies. Powered by the proven AI data intelligence of Gini Pay Connect, it makes payments more convenient for customers and more profitable for businesses.

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Gini Pay Connect – Advantages

Banking where it belongs:
back to the customer.

Integrate the digital bank branch with other apps: Gini Pay Connect allows the acceptance of transfers from third-party apps seamlessly. Turning the bank into a digital payment touchpoint across all channels strengthens customer loyalty through visibility and innovation.
And because the receipt is attached to every transaction automatically, the bank account’s transaction list turns into the digital hub of all payment flows and a one-stop document safe.

For thought leaders
in insurance business.

For insurance companies that have understood the need for a great claim experience, Gini Pay is the missing piece to digital leadership. Submitting claims and simultaneously paying them in seconds results in massive time savings and increased user convenience, solving one of the largest pain points for millions of people insured.

Customer satisfaction
made easy.

Complicated claim experiences now belong to the past. With Gini Pay Connect, banks and insurance are connected seamlessly on the user frontend.
While the claim is submitted, the payment details are being extracted and could be transferred to the user’s banking app on demand. Pay or schedule the payment with one click – that’s how user convenience works.

Gini Pay Connect – Integration

Easy payment,
easy to integrate.

We get it done: Gini Pay Connect is custom-made for all requirements & platforms. Implement the technology the fast and easy way with lean SDKs, while our APIs do the heavy lifting efficiently and in real-time.

Gini Pay photo payment – Benefits

The No. 1 feature in mobile banking.

Gini Pay photo payment is the digital hero of leading German banks. Unmatched in terms of extraction quality, speed, and security, the photo payment is the favorite convenience feature of all bank customers. After all, everyone deserves a magic moment.

92,900,000+ documents

scanned & paid in 2023

91.8% accuracy

in data extraction

2.1 seconds

processing time

5,131,494 users

monthly active users in 2023

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Next level payment.
For every bank.

  • real-time and extremly reliable
  • supported by large German banks
  • easy and flexible integration for Android and iOS apps
  • 100% solution for all types of invoices
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