The screenshot payment: saves time automatically.

Take screenshot of payment data and transfer money in a few seconds using the banking app.

Snapped, shared, checked – paid.

Scattered account data in a WhatsApp message is no problem with the screenshot transfer. Simply take a screenshot of the area on the smartphone screen and transfer the image to the banking app via the share-with button.
The payment data is read out fully automatically by our AI-supported extraction solution, which has been proven millions of times, and transferred to the transaction form.
This is how modern mobile banking automatically saves time.

Gini Pay Screenshot Payment in Action

Screenshot taken, automatically paid.

A friend sent the account details in a messenger? Or the payment details for your order came via email?
Take a screenshot, select the banking app via the share with button – done.
The screenshot transfer extracts the payment data from the image, regardless of whether it is a JPEG, PNG or GIF, and fills out the transfer form automatically.
This way, the digital image link becomes possible for all use cases and raises payment to a new level.


You have questions, we have the answers

Yes, similar to a photo payment, you can simply upload your screenshot instead of a classic photo. This is how easy a bank transfer can be.

You can take a screenshot of the payment data on your screen on your smartphone. You can then select this in your banking app. You can do this, for example, with invoices that you received by mail or payment data that was sent to you by message.
Generally, the payment information such as IBAN, recipient and amount must be visible on the display and the image and not cut off. The data extraction that takes place in your banking app then filters out this information. If this doesn’t work because the data on your screenshot can’t be captured correctly, you can easily enter it manually afterwards.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a classic SMS or a WhatsApp message – as long as there is payment information on your screenshot, it can be read out automatically.
Generally, you can take a screenshot of any document that contains the necessary payment information. Whether it’s an invoice or a bank transfer slip – we adapt to you.
Gini Pay PDF Payment – Benefits

The unrivalled #1 banking feature

The PDF payment is based on the photo payment and is the digital hero of leading German banks: Unrivalled in terms of extraction quality, speed and security, our convenient photo payment is also the declared favorite feature of all bank customers – after all, everyone deserves a Magic Moment.

92,900,000+ documents

scanned & paid in 2023

91.8% accuracy

in data extraction

2.1 seconds

processing time

5,131,494 users

monthly active users in 2023

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Happy customers make everyone happy.


Next level payment.
For every bank.

  • Fast as seconds and extremely reliable
  • Supported by major german banks
  • Technically and visually integrable into Android and iOS apps
  • Recognizes any invoice type
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