Hi, we are Gini :)

Our vision

We strive every day with total commitment to make people’s life richer by liberating them from unpleasant obligations. That’s why we created Gini, a magical assistant, reliably taking over every day duties – and turning ›no time‹ into ›spare time‹. Gini wants to help you to enjoy life to the fullest by freeing all the time you need for all the things you love.

How we see the world. In 6 key points.


Happy users: Simply more joy in life − that is what Gini actually produces. With the help of advanced technologies (like artificial intelligence) and magical software solutions we want to make a positive impact on millions of people. Only when our products conjure an audible ›Wow!‹ on the lips of Gini users can we truly be content.


Appreciative teamwork: To develop the best products possible is one of Ginis major aims. To create the best working environment possible is an other. Our hearts and minds are dedicated to a new, truly humane working philosophy – and we are convinced that the happiness of our fellow workers is our greatest asset.


Personal development: Everyone has unique abilities and talents. We believe that only those who can apply these attributes in the workplace can truly find happiness in their jobs. That’s why Gini aims to be a company which allows every employee to grow and develop freely. This, we feel, is the most important prerequisite for lasting motivation.


Quality of work is quality of life: We believe that the quality of our working environment has great impact on our quality of life − after all we spend a majority of our time in that environment. Only when people can really unfold in their occupation, truly identify with a company and master their daily duties ›in flow‹, will they be inspiring, easy and infectiously happy also outside working hours.


Happy people & a happy society: We believe in a bright future with more empathy and sincerity in which all citizens have a job that they love and in which they are truly appreciated. We are convinced that our world will be a much better place when everyone finds fulfillment in her or his field of work.


Shared expertise: We constantly learn from other pioneers of the ›New Work‹ movement – and share our own experiences with forward-thinking working models. That is our contribution to improved working conditions, a healthier society and simply happier people.

Our Blog ›The Gini Way‹

First, create happy people

In the first days of Gini, just like every other first-time founder, my co-founder and myself were admiring exceptional entrepreneurs who had built outstanding companies. The success stories which touched us most were not the IPO and fast-exit cases, however.

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How we steer organizational development

within a self-organized organization

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Our character – what defines us?


We decide collectively – in cross-functional teams and on grounds of ever ludic processes

True values

Our four Gini core values are not just for decoration on our walls. They constitute the very foundation for how we work.

Radical innovators

We simply love to invent unconventional products and develop ground-breaking technologies

Extraordinary standards

We want to play in the Champions League. Anything less would simply bore us.

Our DNA – the Gini values

  • Everything we touch is magical, beautiful, technologically ingenious and created with love.
  • We don’t do things half-heartedly – whatever we do, we do it properly.
  • We give attention to detail and strive for perfection.
  • We are eager to continuously learn and improve – both as individuals and as a team.
Opportunities rather than risks
  • We allow ourselves the freedom to explore bold ideas and are not afraid to make mistakes.
  • We find ways to make things work and won’t settle for excuses of why they don’t.
  • We get to the bottom of things and solve them – or ask for help in doing so.
  • We dare to think outside the box and to constantly question the status quo.
  • We don’t follow conventions and what others deem to be normal.
Commitment and responsibility
  • We fight for our vision and our goals – and are determined to succeed.
  • We take responsibility autonomously until the very end.
  • We actively contribute our ideas and opinions and bring up shortcomings directly.
  • We live maximum openness and transparency.
  • We interact with each other in a relaxed yet professional manner.
  • We treat each other with love, appreciation, and respect.
  • We leave behind a wonderful feeling for anybody who gets in touch with Gini.
  • We celebrate wins and go through failures together.
  • We make sure that all aspects of our lives are compatible.

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