Gini Invoice Assistant

… invoice payments by a stroke of magic

Because there are things more important to your customers than paying bills.

How does the invoice assistant work?


No matter if dealing with a scan, PDF-file or smartphone photo (photo payment), the Gini invoice assistant extracts all relevant invoice information (like IBAN, amount or reason for payment) in order to automatically fill in transfer forms.


The user documents captured can now be securely saved and, for example, be linked with the transaction list. This way we offer your customers a powerful and highly reliable tool for managing finance documents.


By the way: The invoice archive is open to a variety of versatile services, such as a comprehensive rate comparsion, the connection to tax software or simply the save storage of sensitive documents.

How Gini empowers banking …

Always and for all: the allround solution for any type of invoice.

If parking ticket or tv license fees, if digital invoice or paper-based transfer form, if mobile application or browser banking: There is no limit to what Gini can do. The modular structure and semantic extraction technology provide the universal payment solution for any form of demand.

Making banking truly mobile.

70% of your customers make use of mobile banking apps only to check their balance? Then you might be in need of just some of that Gini magic. With it smartphones are transformed into command centers for the personal management of financial documents and payment transactions. This way the Gini app becomes a cornerstone of your mobile banking strategy.

Banking ahead.

Especially today’s ›digital natives‹ expect to be able to manage everyday tasks online. That’s why we build important connections between the analogue world of paper-based documents and digital finance service. At the same time we also win older, long-standing customers for making use of the full range of possibilities in modern online banking, whether mobile or browser-based.

Full thrust for full trust banking.

It’s simple: Leaders have to move ahead. And the Gini invoice assistant is a decisive step in exactly that direction: a spectacular leading technology, conceived and built by innovation leaders and integrable seamlessly into existing software solutions and well established online services.

Because sometimes it’s all fun and games after all.

With its many innovative features the Gini invoice assistant makes the reliable management of accounting operations not just straightforward, but a really playful, easy experience – a lot of reasons less for procrastination.

Gini Pay is …

… lightning fast and highly reliable in data extraction

… seamlessly integrable in existing systems and any corporate design

… modularly adaptable in its functional scope

… the 100% solution for any payment request

… hosted in Germany and certified in accordance with ISO 27001

… an important step towards a world without paperwork

Gini and comdirect

comdirect did a bit of magic of its own and integrated Gini’s photo-based bank transfer functionality in an exclusive app for customers of the bank: ›smartPay‹ utilizes the Gini API SDK as well as the Gini Photo SDK, optimized for best usability, to provide customers with an innovative document management. Besides swift and easy invoice payments the app also allows for the intelligent storage of complete documents as PDF-files. This way financial records can be categorized, searched and shared, if, for example, certain data needs to be transferred to a tax accountant.
No wonder that so much customer friendliness is award-worthy: The app was among others awarded the youGov Innovation Price and the Esma&Accenture Innovation Award.

Gini and Deutsche Bank

A true jack-of-all-trades is what Deutsche Bank offers customers: its omni-channel solution for the automated payment of invoices not only allows the photo-based bank transfer within the mobile applications of Deutsche Bank, but also the so called ›smartÜberweisung‹ (›smart transfer‹) within webbanking services. With it customers can upload invoice data directly, via Drag & Drop or by Copy+Paste, in order to automatically fill in transfer forms. The system supports all relevant file-types like images (e.g. scans from multifunction devices), PDF-files (electronic invoices) or text documents (e.g. demands via e-mail).

Magically simple, simply magical

Super-fast integration

Only a few lines of code is all you need to work with Gini’s intelligence


SDKs – ready to use

Ruby, Javascript, Objective-C, Android – libraries for every requirement


User-optimized UI&UX

We don’t develop code, we develop products. Our modules are taylor-made for any demand.

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