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10 good reasons for Gini


Efficiency: we work in cross-functional teams of 10 persons max., operating autonomously. Lengthy reconciliations and backlogs are not our thing.


Decisions: Waiting for a decision in order to move forward? Decide for yourself! All you have to do is to get the opinion of a colleague involved.


Vision: Closing deals hastily at the end of the year to gloss over balances and drive up revenues? Never with Gini – we are led by our vision and the contentment of users & partners.


Feedback: Want to know what others value about you and how you can develop your skills further? Every Gini will get a peer feedback from her or his colleagues every 6 months (initially even every 3 months).


Finances: Everyone knows the numbers. Revenue, deals closed and lost, expenses – everything is made transparent in our monthly ›Team Exchange‹ meetings.


Advancement: You constantly strive to get better? So do we! Every Gini is entitled to professional one-to-one coaching sessions – our external coach is available in house every week.


Recruiting: All Ginis contribute to company growth and the employment of just those candidates that share the right, smart attitude that matches our philosophy. HR departments or superiors overruling personnel decisions? No thanks!


New product ideas: You have a perfect idea for a new Gini product that contributes to our vision? Just present it to the team, get feedback and start your own, all new ›Academy‹. No one will stop you – we love real initiative!


Authenticity: We seek real characters, not dazzlers. We don’t care what you wear to work – flip flops, clogs or espandrilles – in the end it’s all a matter of personal style ;)


Independent time management: You need a holiday or want to transfer your working place to the Carribean for a couple of weeks? Simply talk to your colleagues – there is no formal process of approval!


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