We want to take you behind the scenes at Gini and share with you our insights into how the application process at Gini is structured.

We want to take you behind the scenes at Gini and share our insights into how the application process is structured. We aim to ensure that it’s a good fit for both the applicants and our team. From the first screening to the final offer, you will learn all the important steps of our application process here.

Your First Call with Us

After we thoroughly review your application materials and find that they meet the right criteria, the first step follows: we invite you to an initial introduction via video call. Gini’s recruiter will send you a link to book a suitable appointment. In this conversation, we want to find out if your previous experience matches our requirements. We also want to take the opportunity to get to know you better as a person: What drives you? What are your career goals? And what are your expectations for the position you applied for? The interview is structured as follows: First, it’s about “arriving” and Gini’s recruiter will warmly welcome you. This is followed by a short introduction round of about 5 minutes, during which you can also share 1-2 personal details, such as hobbies. Of course, Gini’s recruiter will ask you some questions about your background. The goal is to determine if our requirements fundamentally match your previous experience. We also want to give you a comprehensive overview of Gini, so we will then introduce what we do, what makes our culture unique, and what sets us apart. We welcome all your questions and are happy to answer them.

The First Interview is done. What Comes Next?

Skills Challenge and Skills Interview

In most cases, a Skills Challenge follows. This varies from position to position. It depends entirely on the position you applied for. We will send you a tech challenge for technical positions to demonstrate your technical skills. For roles in areas such as sales or product, you might prepare a presentation on a case and present it during the interview. The Skills Interview can occur in person at our office at Heimeranplatz or remotely. It will be conducted by two people from the relevant department who have extensive knowledge and experience in the specific area. They will ask subject-specific questions to assess your knowledge, skills, and experience concerning the position’s requirements. This can cover a range of topics, depending on the type of position and the specific tasks involved.

The Skills Interview lets you showcase your skills and experiences and clarify any uncertainties. At the end of the Skills Interview, you will also have the chance to ask any remaining questions about the role and the team.

Value Interview

You’ve cleared the first two hurdles – now comes the final interview step: the Value Interview. The Value Interview is about assessing whether our four Gini values align with your values and mindset. We want to ensure that you not only fit the position professionally but also culturally. The questions are based on our company values and give us insights into your behavior in the workplace: What is important to you, and what values guide you? The interviews are usually conducted by employees with whom you would potentially work. However, this is not always the case: someone less present in your future work area might also participate in the conversation. If the Skills Interview was conducted remotely, the Value Interview will occur in our office. In summary, the Value Interview allows you to present your personality, beliefs, and work style and to show how you would integrate into our team.

Hiring Decision

You have now gone through all the interview phases. Now it’s up to us: the hiring decision follows. All interviewers decide whether your professional and personal qualifications match the position and Gini.Within 72 hours after your last interview, you will receive feedback from us. We know that this part of the process is fascinating and important for you, and we strive to provide you with clarity as quickly as possible.

If you receive our offer, a new exciting chapter begins: your onboarding at Gini. We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you step by step to our work style and culture. If it doesn’t work out this time, we are happy to include you in our talent pool and will contact you when new opportunities arise. Our application process at Gini is designed to ensure transparency and fairness. We want to ensure that we and the applicants are a good fit for each other – professionally and culturally. We hope you enjoyed this insight into our process and look forward to possibly working with you soon.

Does this sound exciting to you? Check out our current job openings here and apply! We look forward to hearing from you.

Julia Partusch

Julia Partusch

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