Flexibility and family-friendliness: the company culture at Gini

How important is flexibility to you?

At Gini, this is a central aspect of our culture. We allow our employees flexible working hours so that they can combine work, family and private life in the best possible way.
This allows them to adjust their working hours individually and, for example, optimally organise childcare or go to yoga during their lunch break. At Gini, we trust in the personal responsibility of our employees so that they can complete their work tasks independently and efficiently. The option to work from home at any time is also part of our flexible working models.

Our employees have the option of choosing between different working models, such as part-time, full-time or remote working.
The option of home office means that long commuting times can be avoided, which leads to a reduction in stress and a higher quality of life for the Ginis.
This makes it possible for our employees to reconcile their work with personal commitments and preferences in the best possible way.
In doing so, we place great emphasis on equipping our employees with the latest technologies to increase their productivity and efficiency.

All the flexibility you need to manage work and family

We know that balancing work and family life is a major challenge for many employees. For this reason, we offer various family-friendly benefits. For example, we provide childcare at our annual Christmas party so that Ginis can bring their children without having to worry about looking after them. This allows parents to enjoy the festivities while knowing their children are in safe care.
In addition to our extensive range of benefits for our employees, we also offer a daycare subsidy.

“Gini allows me to find the perfect rhythm between personal and professional pursuits. It allows me to excel at my job while still having time for leisure activities and my loved ones. It’s not about working less, it’s about working smarter.” (Doro Werdehausen, Senior HR Manager)

Theresa Zschäpitz

Senior Recruiting and Employer Branding Manager at Gini since 2023. Interested in talent development, employer branding, and recruiting processes. Feel free to always contact Theresa via theresa.zschaepitz@gini.net.

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