How we promote the further development of our employees

Further development is important – whether as a company or for all employees individually. At Gini, we place great value on the continued development of our employees. We believe that continuous education and personal development not only benefits our employees, but also helps Gini become better, achieve goals and grow. For this reason, we offer our employees a variety of benefits that support their personal and professional development.

An important part of our benefits is an annual development budget of €2,500 net for each and every Gini. Our employees can use this budget for training, seminars, conferences, the acquisition of certificates and much more. It is up to them to decide whether the budget should be used for personal or professional development. This enables our employees to continuously improve and expand their skills and knowledge.

We also offer the Ginis five additional free days per year for their personal and professional development. These days can be used to attend training or seminars, or for personal development such as language courses or coaching.

On top of that, we have another highlight that supports the further development of our Ginis: Every month, we have a company-wide Learning Day. On this day, we provide our employees with a free day that they can use entirely according to their individual further development needs. This can be, for example, participation in workshops, work initiatives with colleagues, webinars or reading technical literature.

The opportunity to continuously develop myself, be it through five extra training days with a generous budget or the additional Learning Days, was one of the main reasons for choosing Gini as an employer. (Quote: Sascha Winkelhofer, Senior Platform Engineer)

Do you also want to grow and develop in your job at any time? Then take a look at our vacancies.

Theresa Zschäpitz

Senior Recruiting and Employer Branding Manager at Gini since 2023. Interested in talent development, employer branding, and recruiting processes. Feel free to always contact Theresa via

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