Munich, November 23, 2020 – Gini, a leading company for data extraction from documents and known for its photo payment, has been awarded the HR Excellence Award 2020 in the category “SME Employee and Executive Development” for its innovative concept of individual performance assessment and compensation. In the category “SME New Work”, Gini was selected among the top three companies for its employee role concept based on transparency, clarity, and flexibility.

The HR Excellence Award recognizes forward-looking work and outstanding campaigns in the field of human resources in a fair and transparent competition. The independent jury of experts selected this year’s winners — this year digitally — from a total of 470 applications. The award has been presented annually since 2012 by Quadriga Media and the specialist magazine Human Resource Manager.

Equal employees

In the area of “SME Employee & Management Development”, the jury evaluates whether the instruments of a measure have been used in a company-specific manner and tailored to the participants and whether a long-term strategy consists in the development of managers.

Gini impressed the jury with the innovative approach of “Performance Evaluation & Salary Setting in a Company with no Bosses”, as the company evaluates and pays its employees according to the performance they have achieved — not according to their negotiating skills in personnel interviews. At Gini, the performance of each employee is evaluated by his or her colleagues*. The evaluation is then translated into an objective formula. The individual experience, current market value, and past performance are taken into account. Each Gini employee is then presented with a data-based report including the new remuneration. Besides, the Munich-based company dispenses with traditional hierarchical structures, thus ensuring a work environment characterized by autonomy and responsibility.

“The award recognizes two aspects that are characteristic and important for Gini: autonomy and trust. New Work is not just a project, but an everyday experience, and is a constant feature of our corporate culture. Our maxim is to elevate the workplace to be a safe space in which everyone is given one hundred percent trust and the freedom to participate from day one. By dispensing with classic hierarchical structures, every employee and his or her performance feels equally valued, regardless of whether he or she is a permanent employee or working student,” says Holger Teske, founder of Gini GmbH. “We are very pleased that our concept also convinces outsiders. The HR Excellence Award not only honors the company itself but the entire team that shapes our culture and values every day anew”.