Munich, September 5, 2022. Commerzbank is now integrating Gini’s photo payment into its banking app. Customers using the institution’s banking app will benefit from a time-saving and precise transfer solution. The function is now available in the Commerzbank banking app.

Commerzbank customers can thus easily pay the invoice amount with the banking app via smartphone photo, recognition via QR code with payment information, or direct sharing of a digital document. Invoice documents can be single or multi-page. With the Gini Pay photo payment, necessary information, such as the amount to pay or the IBAN of the recipient, is extracted from the document, and the transfer template is filled in fully automatically. The cumbersome typing of the corresponding information is no longer necessary.

  • Gini Pay integriert Fotoüberweisung in der Commerzbank-Banking-App
  • Gini Pay integriert Fotoüberweisung in der Commerzbank-Banking-App
  • NGLBRechnung
  • NGLBRechnung

App screens from Commerzbank App.
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A fast, secure, and innovative transfer feature

The Gini Pay Photo Payment feature has a very high extraction quality, is fast, and is secure. That is why many bank customers use it in Germany. It is powered by artificial intelligence and was developed by the company itself. Since 2013, the function has been successfully integrated into many German banks and savings banks.

Gini recently launched an OCR update that converts image documents, such as scans of invoices, into machine-readable text. The new OCR, also developed internally by the company, accelerates the Gini Pay photo transfer process, made in the banking app, by 38 percent.

Gini is subject to the strictest data protection requirements and is ISO 27001 certified. The company has also obtained the certifications “Software Hosted in Germany” and “Software Made in Germany,” awarded by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. These prove, among other things, the security and user-friendliness of the features.

“The integration of the Gini Pay photo transfer is another important step in the strategic expansion of the banking app for Commerzbank,” says Gerald Ertl, Clusterlead at Commerzbank. “Working with Gini and integrating the Gini Pay photo transfer means our customers will be able to make even faster and easier transfers,” added Thomas Winandy, Chapterlead Mobile Banking. “We are always interested in solutions that make banking even more convenient and time-saving and offer high added value for customers.”

“We are very pleased to now also integrate our popular Photo Payment at Commerzbank,” said Holger Teske, co-founder and CEO of Gini GmbH. “Many more bank customers in Germany will benefit from a function that relieves their bureaucratic everyday lives.”