Bank transfer function Gini Pay Connect integrated for the first time at Consorsbank and private health insurance company ottonova

Munich, 22 March 2022. Invoicing and paying medical bills will be easier and faster for private health-insured people. The health insurance ottonova and Consorsbank are the first partners to offer the Gini Pay Connect remittance function. The feature developed by Gini and ottonova allows customers to transfer payment information, such as medical and pharmacy bills, from the ottonova app to the Consorsbank banking app and complete the transfer with just a few clicks. This type of cooperation between banks and insurance companies for an improved user experience is a novelty: it significantly facilitates the billing and payment process between private health insurance companies and their insureds.

Gini Pay Connect solves one crucial problem of all privately insured persons

ottonova, Consorsbank and Gini have one goal with the solution – to offer their customers a non-bureaucratic, simple, and seamlessly integrated billing and payment process. The reimbursement process for medical bills has been time-consuming and administratively burdensome for privately insured patients; they must first pay the bill independently and then submit it to their insurance in a separate process. The solution now seamlessly links these two strands: insureds submit their receipt digitally via app to ottonova; Gini Pay Connect extracts the payment information as with the photo transfer and passes it directly to the Consorsbank banking app at the touch of a button. The individual payment information automatically gets pre-filled – users can initiate the transaction instantly, without time-consuming entry of the IBAN. All data is subject to the legal data protection requirements, as they are transmitted exclusively on servers in Germany.

Beneficial for banks and private health insurers

Banks like Consorsbank offering payments through Gini Pay Connect benefit from the integration as a digital payment interface for customers in third-party apps. It allows users to process the operations quickly and easily, turning it into the preferred payment solution for private insurance members and leading to an attractive positioning in a solvent user segment. Banks undertake one single integration, thus linking important German private health insurers and reaching many privately insured persons.

With the fast and lean integration of Gini Pay Connect via SDK (Software Development Kit), private health insurers face one of the significant challenges of our time: the digitalization in the healthcare sector and thus the disruption of traditional processes.

Peter Bauer, CIO ottonova, about the connection between bank and insurance: “ottonova as a purely digital private health insurance company stands for innovative functions and services. Digital-first is what sets us apart; innovation to achieve maximum customer satisfaction drives us. By merging the payment path and claim experience, we create real added value for our members. What’s more, our jointly developed tool is open to other private health insurers and their customers. ”

“Our goal is to offer our customers attractive, uncomplicated, and secure financial solutions,” explains Björn Viehweger, Head of Business Area Banking at Consorsbank. “With Gini Pay Connect, we build on our proven cooperation with Gini and add another user-friendly module to our innovative offering. ”

“We are very pleased that Gini Pay Connect is now integrated with ottonova and Consorsbank,“ said Holger Teske, Mitgründer und CEO der Gini GmbH. “The integration of our user-friendly AI solution radiates out to banks and private health insurers: end customers perceive their provider as an innovative and customer-oriented company, and customer satisfaction increases.”