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Your interview process at Gini

Julia Partusch
Julia PartuschJun, 14 2024

We want to take you behind the scenes at Gini and share with you our insights into how the application process at Gini is structured.

The Gini Role

Susanne Taylor
Susanne TaylorFeb, 01 2021

How we share responsibility in a self-organizing company

Onboarding at Gini

GiniMay, 18 2020

How we create an amazing onboarding experience for our new co-workers at Gini

Applying at Gini

Nicola Heckler
Nicola HecklerJan, 21 2019

Yays and Nays for your application and a smooth recruiting process

Candidate Experience

Nicola Heckler
Nicola HecklerJan, 21 2019

A tale about honesty, respect, and the journey to a perfect match at Gini

How good is our corporate culture, really?

GiniOct, 04 2017

We received a negative and painful review on Kununu. We asked ourselves — where do we truly stand with our culture? Are we living in a bubble full of self-praise?

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