How can you make it as easy as possible for customers to pay medical bills and at the same time keep track of all invoices centrally?

As with all of Gini’s solutions, Gini Pay Connect was developed to make mobile payments as simple as possible for the end consumer. This also applies to the insurance sector. With Gini Pay Connect, paying medical bills through private health insurance apps is a breeze: once the customer has photographed the invoice, all relevant invoice data is accurately recorded in the insurance app and passed on to the respective bank with a single click – the customer just needs to confirm the payment, done! With this smart tool, the customer also keeps track of all submitted invoices, stays updated on their current status and of course, sees when the insurance provider has reimbursed the costs.

What is behind Gini Pay Connect?

The idea behind Gini Pay Connect is very simple: how can we make it as easy as possible for customers to pay medical invoices while simultaneously keeping track of all of their invoices? Our App2Bank-integration does exactly that: when the customer submits invoices over the respective insurance provider’s app, all relevant payment data such as recipient, account number, amount, etc., are read automatically and transferred to the customer’s banking app with a single click. The customer then sees the automatically filled-in payment information there and only needs to confirm it, before returning to the insurance provider’s app. Gini Pay Connect does nothing more than connect various apps, in this case, the private health insurance provider’s app with a banking app, enabling direct payments from a third-party app with the customer’s own banking app.

How Gini Pay Connect can enhance customer relationships

Private health insurance is a highly competitive market. A large portion of customers are very or rather satisfied with their private health insurance, as shown by an exclusive survey from Gini ( However, customer loyalty is declining and upselling or cross-selling of additional insurance products is becoming more challenging. But what are the reasons for the dissatisfaction? The claims submission and payment process is mentioned repeatedly. At the same time, we can see a significant difference in customer satisfaction between the app and non-app users: while 49.6% of app users are very satisfied with their private health insurance, only 31.8% of non-app users feel the same. This means that the active usage of an app has a significant influence on customer satisfaction. But what must an app offer in order to be seen as delivering real added value? The study from Gini and YouGov Germany also found an answer to this question: by far the most used feature is the submission of receipts and invoices. What is often overlooked from an insurance company’s point of view, is that submission of the invoice alone is not enough for the customer, they still have to pay the invoice! Almost 50% of survey respondents stated that a payment function in the insurance provider’s app is or would be valuable or very valuable to them. Gini Pay Connect offers exactly that: a simple payment process via the insurance provider’s app through direct linking with the customer’s banking app. Private health insurance companies, that integrate Gini Pay Connect, provide their policyholders with real added value and an exceptionally user-friendly interface (here: link to explanatory video). This increases customer satisfaction, thus strengthening customer loyalty.

Gini Pay Connect as an important tool for modern app solutions

What actually makes an app user-friendly and how can my app provide real added value? We at Gini have been dealing with these fundamental questions for over a decade and have found successful and proven answers in the area of payment processing. With Gini Pay Connect we are taking it one step further. Until now, the entire process of submission and payment of medical invoices has been two separate actions for the customer: paying the invoices at the doctor’s office, either by online banking or via transfer at the bank, and then the submission of the invoice to the private health insurance provider. Gini Pay Connect puts an end to all of this: we enable seamless payments from the insurance provider’s app via the banking app. With this, we turn what was originally two separate processes into one for the customers, saving time and bringing a brand-new user experience with it.

But not only the customer benefits, for insurance companies, the integration of Gini Pay Connect means a higher quality of data and an Increased automated processing, therefore saving both time and money. Not to forget the enhanced customer satisfaction, along with all of its consequential effects, that the insurance provider also profits from. Learn more about how health insurance companies can improve their customer relationships through apps in our corresponding whitepaper.

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