Gini and ottonova develop solution for an easy payment and refund process

Munich, Apr 21, 2021 – Gini, a leading company for data extraction from documents and known through photo payment, presents Gini Pay Connect. The solution allows documents uploaded to third-party apps to be paid seamlessly with the own bank in just a few clicks. Together with the digital private health insurer ottonova, the solution was adapted for the private health insurance market with the aim of improving the user experience. It will be available this year.

Private health insurers improve user experience

With the fast and lean integration of Gini Pay Connect via SDK, private health insurers simplify one of the biggest challenges for their policyholders – cumbersome and time-consuming submission processes of documents. With the use of Gini Pay Connect, the documents submitted by the insured person are processed in real time. The payment information is extracted using artificial intelligence.


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If needed, these are seamlessly transmitted to the customer’s chosen banking app which is installed on the smartphone. The corresponding fields for payment are automatically pre-filled and the user can now trigger the transaction directly. Gini’s proprietary AI solution achieves up to 70 per cent improved extraction rates for mobile device photos. This allows for a lean and efficient input process with less rework for clerks at the same time. Insurers can thus significantly speed up the process of verification and reimbursement, increase customer satisfaction and save costs at the same time.


Banks can offer instant payment in third-party apps

Banks offering Gini Pay Connect benefit from integration as a digital payment interface for customers in third-party apps, through which transactions are processed quickly and easily. The seamless transfer of payment data to the banking app makes it the preferred payment solution for private health insurance customers and leads to an attractive positioning in a solvent user segment. Through a single integration, banks connect participating German private health insurers and thus reach a large number of privately insured persons.

In order to meet the strict legal requirements of data protection, all data is processed exclusively on servers in Germany throughout the entire process. With Global Scale Solutions (GSS), an experienced partner in the health insurance sector is available to interested insurers for the integration. GSS is a joint venture of ottonova and Global Side Services, the technology expert for the insurance and financial services industry.

“We are always looking for new solutions that simplify the handling of insurance documents for our customers and seamlessly adapt to their lifestyles,” said Peter Bauer, CIO ottonova and CEO GSS. “The joint development of Gini Pay Connect is an innovation in the field of payment options, which will thus offer real added value not only to customers but also to health insurers.”

“We are very proud to launch Gini Pay Connect together with ottonova for the private health insurance market,” said Holger Teske, Co-founder and CEO Gini GmbH. “In this way, we enable companies and their customers to handle previously often time-consuming accounting processes simply and quickly – they save an enormous amount of time in the processes. Banks, in turn, become visible to an interesting target group with their app interface and an alternatively convenient payment system.”


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