Gini Pay

Payment, magically simple ...

Your smartphone becomes your wallet: Welcome to a cash free world …

How the Gini Pay App makes payment foolproof


Scan the QR-Code at the checkout …


… check bill, add tipp and confirm with your fingerprint …


… you’re done! And your receipt is automatically stored on your device.

Why choose Gini Pay?

Because it’s just that simple

Your pockets are full of change and still you keep running to a cash machine because some vendor or restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards? Simply drain your cash flow for the better – and use some of that Gini magic to turn your smartphone into a pretty slim wallet.


Because it’s superfast

When paying the restaurant bill takes longer than dessert, don’t you wish the real world was a bit more like an online shop? We are now serving Gini Pay: handle the check with the greatest ease and just a few clicks. The only reasonable way to speed up even slowfood  …

Because it’s on the tip of your fingers

With Gini Pay you stay in control: the combination of direct debiting and biometric approval provide you with an unbeatable level of security.

Because all your receipts easily fit in one app

Your purse bursts with cash receipts? Your hosting slips fill up whole shelves? With Gini Pay you can keep your receipts handy anytime, all neatly stored on your smartphone.

Our values, your benefit

The future is our gift

Gini Pay comes cost-free – today, tomorrow and always. No loopholes, no hidden fees.

Your receipts? Your business!

We guarantee to never pass on any of your data without your permission.

Substract ads, add value

We dislike unwanted advertising as much as you. So we just banned it.

Towards tomorrow …

Every day we strive to teach Gini new tricks. Get ready for more magical features that make your life easier.