Gini Credit Application

... applying for personal loans without tedious typing

Because some things just can’t wait – the easiest way to get a loan.

Credit application – simplicity reinvented

We offer customers a fully automated, fully digital application procedure without any compromise. Our technology extracts all information relevant to the credit application from various documents, such as bank statements or payrolls. This way real-time credit application with optimum data quality and information depth truly become child’s play. The digitally provided data makes time-consuming check loops by the creditor and redundant media disruption (e.g. postage) obsolete. Load up documents, verify data and off you go – the credit application is complete!

Why our credit solution truly pays off …

A great experience – all the way

Free your customers to spend more time on the good things in life. With our technology customers only need to upload documents that are relevant to their loan application. All required data is automatically extracted. This elegant user experience makes the application process unbeatably swift and leads customers quickly to their personal loan.

Less confusion, more conversion!

We simply bring an end to lengthy and intransparent credit application procedures. Thanks to our automatic data extraction, tediously searching for and typing in application information is a thing of the past. And the less obstacles a loan applicant has to master, the smaller the chance of exiting the application out of pure frustration. And that means: your rate of successful contract closures will rise significantly!

No need for changes – but room for improvement!

Our technology makes the application process significantly faster and more cost-effective for creditors. We provide automatically extracted data from relevant documents to creditors all over a single, digital channel – in real time. This way, we help you to efficiently automate your data verification and loan approval process.

Magically simple, simply magical

Software-as-a-service solution

Provision of data via API – without costly hardware

Scanmodul (iOS & Android)

User-optimized photo module linking smartphones & web

Real-time data extraction

Rapid in-depth analysis of user documents – whether digital or paper-based

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